Paint color can determine the mood and feeling for any given space in your home. Whether you dream of something bold or soothing, you can achieve the perfect look with the right paint color. If you’re looking for some fresh paint inspiration, try one of these five floral-inspired Sherwin-Williams paint colors that are sure to bloom with design possibilities for your home:

Queen Anne Lilac

Sherwin-Williams’ August 2018 Color of the Month, Queen Anne Lilac is a soft and muted purple color that is adaptable to any space, making it a great color to connect the entire home. The Queen Anne Lilac exudes a comfortable elegance and is great in any space where you want to express an air of sophistication.

This color pairs well with grays, violets, and whites.


Forsythia blooms each spring, typically before other trees and plants begin to flower. Their vibrant golden tones add a dramatic look to your yard that reminds us that Spring is just around the corner. Recreate this anticipation by paining your front door in a vibrant Forsythia. This bright pop of color will make your home stand out.

Magnify the impact of this color by pairing it with a pure white color.

Azalea Flower

Azaleas are a beautiful and majestic flowering shrub that symbolizes femininity and softness in some cultures and wealth and home in others. What a perfect color for your home! This soft and sweet pink is playful and ideal for a child’s bedroom or even a powder room.

This color looks fantastic with creamy whites and gentle mauves.


Marigolds are a garden favorite for their ease of care, their ability to grow well from seeds, and are attractive for pollinators. They come in a variety of colors but are most commonly known is brilliant hues of yellows and oranges. Just like its floral counterpart, this paint color is warm and full of depth, easily bringing a bit of sunshine into your home. It makes for a great accent color and pairs well with natural textures and neutral colors.


The bright flowers on the prickly thistle bush are a great inspiration for home décor. The thistle symbolizes nobility and graciousness so it makes sense that this stylish, contemporary color can still exude Victorian refinement and romance.

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