Home Safety Tips from Brenner Poole HomesAll homeowners want to feel safe, especially when moving into a new home. Between moving in, unpacking and going about daily life, it is easy to overlook precautionary steps to make sure your home is safe, secure and hazard-free. Here are some tips to help keep you and your family safe as well as extend the lifespan of your home.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), three out of five home fire deaths result from fires in homes without working smoke detectors. Brenner Poole Homes follows NFPA guidelines by placing a smoke alarm on each level of the home and inside every bedroom. Each smoke detector comes with a battery backup to ensure residents stay safe. It is recommended to test smoke detector batteries once a month, replace the batteries at least once a year and replace the entire detector every 10 years.

Non-Toxic Paint
Smaller aspects of the home like paint and finishes often go unnoticed when considering home safety. While lead paint has been banned for quite a while, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can still be found in several types of paints. Luckily, over the past few years, several paint brands have started offering non-toxic options for the home. At Brenner Poole Homes, we use and recommend using non-toxic Sherwin Williams paint for the home interior. VOS-free paint not only ensures that residents can enjoy a toxic-free living space, but it also provides a more environmentally friendly option.

Pet Safety
When you make the decision to own a pet, keeping them safe becomes part of your responsibility. Therefore, when moving into a new home it is important to make sure the home is just as safe for your pets as it is for you. Prevent your pets from getting into toxic cleaning supplies, medicines, glass dishware and sharp utensils by placing child locks on your cabinets or storing those items in cabinets they can’t reach. Also, makes sure that electrical cords are hidden or placed off the ground. Both dogs and cats tend to chew, and the last thing you want is your pet getting a harmful jolt of electricity.

Kitchen Safety
Kitchen fires are one of the main causes of home fires, so it is crucial to be aware of safety measures in one of the home’s most-used spaces. Remember to never leave a burner unattended and to regularly clean stovetops, countertops and the oven. Pay extra close attention in the kitchen when cooking with oil or grease as it can splash onto skin clothing or other surfaces while burning.

If you notice smoke, turn down the heat and remove the pan from the heat until the smoke stops. In the incident that a kitchen fire occurs, turn off the heat source and cover the flames with a metal lid to smother the fire. Never use water to put out grease or oil fires. If the fire is unmanageable or can’t be put out quickly, use a fire extinguisher or call 911 and leave the house.

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