Making the Most of Your Open-Concept Home Design

It’s easy to fall in love with today’s open-concept home designs where the kitchen, dining and living areas flow seamlessly. But if you’re accustomed to arranging furniture in traditional homes, where walls define rooms, decorating may require a new way of thinking. Here are some tips to get you started.

Define Your Spaces
Make your large space feel cozy rather than cavernous with carefully arranged rugs and furniture groupings. Select one area rug for the dining area and a complementary one for the living area. If the room is large enough, you may even want to create a few smaller conversation areas. In this case, you might use one large rug for the overall living space, then layer hide rugs to further define smaller spaces.

When grouping your furniture, consider using parallel vs. perpendicular lines to delineate spaces. For example, if the kitchen island is parallel to the back wall, consider making the dining table perpendicular, then arrange the sofa parallel to the island and the back wall.

Make the Most of Negative Space
Pay special attention to negative spaces – those that aren’t filled with furniture or accessories. These will order the flow of traffic and act as invisible dividers between the different “rooms.” Décor for open designs is often minimalistic. Using only basic furniture and accessories and minimizing clutter will maintain clean lines and an open, airy feel.

Light Up Your Décor
Open spaces can feel boxy and angular. You can introduce curves and movement with your lighting choices. Consider an arced floor lamp in the living area, a whimsical chandelier over the breakfast table, or hanging pendant lights over the kitchen island.

Separate but Cohesive
Select complementary colors and tones that tie the room together. A main color palette will connect the spaces, then two or three complementary color accents will define each individual space. Consistent metal or natural wood tones will also create continuity through the larger room.

Still Looking for Your Open-Concept Home?
If you’re still in search of a new open concept home in Middle Tennessee, we’ve just introduced two new designs in Phase II of Spring House at Honey Farms, a master-planned community of townhomes in Columbia. The Primrose II and the Wisteria both feature open-concept main levels. The homes provide three bedrooms and two and a half baths, with options including master-on-the-main, covered porches and an upstairs loft.

Click here to get a closer look. Call 1-833-65HONEY to make an appointment for a tour and a walk through the decorated model.

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